The challenge for us was simple. Could we develop an appraisal product that’s so easy to use, that any appraiser could intuitively start and complete a high-quality appraisal report in minutes? Could we turbo charge a proven process that agents use every day and provide an exceptional appraiser user experience? Could we design a report that met all the USPAP definitions as an appraisal report, yet remained user-friendly for consumers?


The Perfect Fit

MVP is available in several different cost-effective configurations designed to meet your inspection needs. Whether it’s for loan servicing, origination, or equity lending, Clarocity Valuation Services has the right alternative appraisal solution for you.

Appraiser Evaluations2055 Appraisal
Inspection Perfomed ByAppraisern/aAppraiserAgentAgentAppraiser
Inspection TypeExteriorn/aExteriorExteriorInteriorExterior
Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
Identify the Subject Property
Subject Current and Projected Use
Appraiser’s Estimate of Market Value
Exterior Inspection and Condition Verification
Describes Valuation Analysis
Provide Considered Supplemental Information and Analysis
Indicate Information Source(s)
Preparer’s Certification and Information
Appraisal & USPAP Requirements
Performed by a Licensed or Certified Appraiser
Designed to Support USPAP Compliance
Appraisal Report
Unrestricted Use

† Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines (December 2010), Section XIII, “Evaluation Content”